Hrm 531 Week 2 Individual Assignment

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Week one: Reflection Paper Assignment The personality type that was indicated from my completion of the MBTI puzzle is introvert, sensing, feeling, and judging (ISFJ). I would say what surprised me the most about these results were the personality tendencies of sensing and introvert. The personality tendency of sensing says I am practical and cost effective. I do not feel like I am practical when it comes to money and I am horrible at saving money. I was very surprised by the personality tendency of introversion. I like smaller groups, I do get nervous with a lot of people. It does say that I am quiet though and I do not like being the center of attention. I am no way quiet at all, I am not shy, I speak my mind and I am very outspoken. Also, …show more content…

If I achieved something trust me everyone will know. If it makes me proud or if its an accomplishment you will hear about it. I think knowing your personality type helps the creation of a performance plan for an employee in an organization. You learn a lot about your employees when you do a personality test. You will know what the employee can bring to the table or what will slow the employee down. With my personality type for introversion that can bring me down. I may not be social in situations where I need to be and people may read me wrong. I know this is something I would need to work out and fix. A good thing about being introversion is I learned a lot by observation, reflection, and reading. So the employer does not really need to teach me. I do a lot of self learning by reading and watching. For having a sensing personality type that would help a lot in the performance plan. I depend on factual information, so I will make sure it is true. I am very practical when it comes to work. If something does not seem true or right, I will check it out and make sure it is the truth before doing it or saying something. Also, I have a lot of feelings. I am very accepting, I think being in retail for many years I learned everyone is different and not the

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