Myer-Briggs Assessment

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The myer-briggs assessment was fairly accurate and taught me many things I did not know about myself. I was very surprised to read how detailed each trait was described and how it fit my personality in real life. I could relate to many things mentioned about the people with ISFJ personalities. I learned that although I am an introvert, I can connect well with other people much better than other introverts. The type of friend I am considered to be is very loyal and although I may be closed off and protective in the beginning after I can trust you I can be a very trustworthy. I also read my personality type has no particular preference on who I am friends with and that I try to avoid conflict at all costs, which is something I can relate to. …show more content…

Watson from Sherlock had the ISFJ personality type also. People believe ISFJs are the backbone of the workforce. The suited careers for ISFJs would be jobs with history behind them, such as medicine or academics. I can also relate to the fact that people with my personality type like to do behind the scenes work and stay under the radar, but still be appreciated for the work and effort put into it. Something new I learned about myself was that being to nice and selfless can be one of my weaknesses and allow people to walk all over me. I think it is important to be self-aware of who you are so you can be the best version of yourself and use it to your advantage in life. I think being aware of your personality allows people to become their true selves and maybe make them realize who they are and it’s normal for everyone to be a little

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