Mdisho Character Analysis

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This essay is about two characters Mdisho and Major Griffiths. Major is a wilder and thinks out the box person. Mdisho is more of a crazier overly excited type of person. They both have a friendship built with this guy named Dahl, and he seems to have a good friendship with both of them. Dahl thinks of Mdisho as his little brother and, Major Griffiths like an older uncle, but I 'm here to talk about how they are different not how they are similar. The first character that I 'll be talking about is Mdisho. Mdisho is 19 years old. He has been born and brought up 700 miles inland from Dar es Salaam, near a place called Kigoma. Both of his parents died before he was 12 years old, so he has been taken into households. He graduated into the household as a house-boy and charmed everybody from his good manners and gentle bearing. But once the DO had been transferred to Egypt, it left Mdisho without a home or a job. He did have was one very important document, which was a recommendation letter from his old employer. That 's how Mdisho got with Dahl. He couldn 't read or write so Dahl had to teach him. …show more content…

Both of these characters clearly handle stuff differently. Mdisho stole Dahl 's sword and killed a rich German and Major run around naked. Just by saying that you can tell these are two have different personalities. Major is wild but I 'm pretty sure he 's not that wild. Mdisho, on the other hand, takes everything to the extreme. He sliced the German 's head off. What normal person that you know will do that? I understand that he was trying to help with the war and everything but that a little too extreme. Major runs around naked with his wife. So, I 'm sure he has fun. I say that because he 's doing something silly with someone he loves. It 's something that they can joke around and laugh at. What Mdisho did is something you can go to jail for, but he was trying to help out, so I 'll give him that. The German probably did play a really big

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