Statement Of Purpose To Volunteer At Meals On Wheels

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For this service-learning project, I decided to volunteer at Meals on Wheels in Rocky Mount. Meals on Wheels is a nonprofit organization that deliver meals to individuals at home that are unable to purchase or prepare their own meals. My grandmother who volunteers with them every Tuesday first introduced me to the program 10 years ago. Kara is a family friend who is the Director of Development for Meals on Wheels. She helped me get the volunteering opportunity.
I volunteered at Meals on Wheels for 15 hours. I worked three days from 8 am to 1 pm. During my time at Meals on Wheels, I worked with the elderly. My tasks were the same for the first two days, but the last day I worked in the office. I helped prepare the packaging of foods and getting everything together. Each route had newspapers, a cooler that stored the warm packaged food, oranges, and milk cartons. After everything was ready, I double-checked the route books with the daily sheets, which included if the individuals were …show more content…

Her name was Ms. Dotty. Ms. Dotty is one of the oldest individuals that still receive food. Her family is no longer in Rocky Mount, so she does not have a lot of social interaction. She was standing at the door when we pulled into her driveway. She just had the biggest smile on her face. It definitely made me feel at ease seeing her and how happy she looked when I pulled up. The first thing she said to us was that she looks forward to this everyday. She was just so happy to talk to us. We decided to talk to her a little bit longer, because she just went on and on. She said I looked a lot like her daughter when she was my age. Then she went about saying how much she misses her daughter and her family. I just really liked the interaction because you could see how much it meant to Ms. Dotty to just talk to her for a little bit. She was so sweet and

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