Statement Of Purpose To Be A Latino Community Outreach Worker

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Introduction: Do you want to help out your community and make a change in people’s life? Make any positive impact in someone’s life? Motivational link Well, I do and I’m striving every day to get there. My main goal is to work for a non-profit that helps the Latino community. To help better the community I was raised in and forever love. I want to make sure that my Latino people can get the help they need and deserve. Thesis statement Therefore, I want to be a community outreach worker in the Latino community. Especially for the Latinos that struggle being undocumented, the ones that can barely make ends meet, or the ones that suffer from domestic abuse. Three big obstacles seen in my community. Body (5 pts. each) I. What exactly is …show more content…

Resources outreach workers can connect people with… A. In the Latino community, outreach workers can help low-income Latinos apply for housing help. Guiding them through the steps to apply for housing. As many of us are clueless about the extensive process to get the keys to a forever home. a. A nonprofit like Hacienda is a great example of this type of organization. They have guided thousands of Latinos in the Portland community find their forever home. Building communities in which Latinos can feel welcome. B. Many undocumented Latinos also don’t know about the resources now available to them through the state of Oregon and outreach workers are working hard every day to educate the community about them. a. For example, The Oregon Health Plan is now open to all residents that meet the income requirements regardless of immigration status. b. Nonprofits such as the NorthWest Family Services have partnered with Oregon to educate Latinos about this amazing resource. To be exact the Healthier Oregon program. They help connect Latinos to outreach workers that can help them navigate the application …show more content…

Thankfully programs like Casa Esperanza can make it easier to escape the violent cycle. Equipped with a shelter in which these women can hide out and ger the resources needed to start a new happier life. Transition: The amazing work of these outreach workers don’t go unnoticed. III. The salary and benefits in Oregon for an outreach worker A. The salary for an outreach worker is a bit over the national average here in Oregon. With an average annual base salary of $52,76 and a high of $71,466. Thankfully, a livable wage. B. Moreover, many outreach workers also get the benefit of having tuition reimbursement, as continuing education isn’t as low cost as it used to be. a. Especially with the fact that most outreach workers have a 4-year degree, which can be pricy. However, it doesn’t hurt to go to a community college to get those first two years at a more reasonable price. Conclusion (2 pt. each):  Review statement: Therefore, I want to be a community outreach worker as to make a positive impact in my community is my goal. I will see my Latino community thrive here in Oregon. I’ll make sure of it by putting the work to educate and connect people with resources available to them.  I suggest you check out Outreach and Education on the Oregon.gov page, if you want to find out more about outreach workers in

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