Mean Girls And Hamlet Comparison

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Comparison of the theme of revenge between John Marsden’s Hamlet and ‘Mean Girls’ by Mark Walters The theme of revenge as exemplified by John Marsden’s ‘Hamlet,' and ‘Mean Girls’ directed in 2004 by Mark Walters, provides both film and novel their backbone following the tales of both protagonists. Hamlet who schemes in order to carry out his father’s revenge against his treasonous uncle. And Cady Herron of Mean Girls who acts upon jealousy and displeasure. Although both scenarios do not form under the same circumstances one being based in medieval times and the other a familiar high school atmosphere. They indeed share a common goal, that being to carry out their pursuits of vengeance to no avail. And most importantly each of the two mediums …show more content…

In one scene Cady has become so obsessed with revenge that she invites the popular kids over. Fuelled with anger and feeling betrayed Janis erupts in an outburst, as she catches her so called friend, having a party without her. Cady is met with a string of insults her weak excuses met with a sarcastic statement, “You try to act like you’re so innocent, Oh look I used to live in africa with all the little birdies and monkies.” The satiric statement also utilises closeup shots of Janis, showing her bitterness and madness. These series of angles transition between Cady as well. Showing how she became at a loss of words. Back to the theme of revenge, the scene shows us how fragile a relationship can be if they are involved in our schemes for reprisal. People can mistake us for things, we did not mean for them to find out. Although Marsden’s Hamlet and Mean Girls do not share a relatable situation or context, we realise how desperate people can get when it come vengeance. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind would accurately describe both of these

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