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The impact of social media on the understandings of body image of adolescents
This project was based on body image and social media. There are several articles which state that social media plays a huge role in the influence of adolescents and the way they see themselves. The reason i did this is to show the impact either being negative or positive on the understandings of body image on adolescents and that social media plays a role. The research methods used were primary and secondary as i need existing data as well as gathering new data, both were qualitative research. In this project there was an interview on a school teacher that was taken in consideration. In this report i displayed a survey and interview that was used to gather results on this subject. The survey was given online which was easier for people to access and complete, all responses were anonymous. There were 40 people involved in the survey and they were between ages 15 - 30 years old. There are many influences for example peer pressure, which affect adolescents in a negative way. This may lead to doubting your capabilities and having a poor perception on what adolescents look like. When looking at my survey, interview and literature review then you are able to explore the question ‘The impact of social media on the understandings of body image on adolescents’.
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