Melba Persuasive Speech

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Today I'm going to be talking about Melba. The reason why is because she is an important person of why integration ended. To start off she almost died because of a racist people as a young child because the doctor took away her medicine for her to stay alive. Then she wants to attend a all white school Central High. And she gets to because Little Rock is integrating and she signed up for it. Then a big riot starts and the students and teachers treated the LR9(that’s what the called them because there where nine students who attended) terrible. Then Danny a solider who helps keep the LR9 safe from the riot is very helpful to Melba. He gives her all kinds of advice. Even one time some boy splashed ink or some acid in her face and Danny came with a bucket of cold water if he wasn’t there she would have lost her eye sight. If I had to compare her life to mine, I would think hers is way more serious than mine. For example, like kids will push her around and hit her even spit on her because of her skin color. Me they will just call me a ''nigger.'' And my mom inspires me not to take the stuff to heart. Because when she gets called a nigger she doesn't go around fighting them she takes it and moves on with life. You can't go…show more content…
It was a playoff game for football who ever wins gets to go to the championship game. We where down by a touchdown and everybody was giving up to where I was about to give up. But I remembered what my dad had always told me" failing while trying is better than failing because you gave up." So it inspired me to, then I also had to inspire my team that we was going to win. And it worked, the next play we scored tie game. Then the other team turned the ball over and now its our ball, we had 1:00 on the clock and they decided to give me the ball. It was a pass play, it was a long run to the touchdown, but I did it. So my dad was the one that inspired me in that situation not to give
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