Personal Narrative: My Four Year Of College Football

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Four years of college football has come and gone for me, as if it all happened it the blink of an eye. However, there is one specific moment that served as a turning point in my career. It came on a rainy Saturday night game against Marietta College. A sophomore at the time, I had little varsity experience as it was only the second game of the season. I never planned on entering the game, our starting tight end at the time was very talented and I received little reps in practice. There came a moment late in the game where he got hurt, and I was forced to enter the game. It doesn’t seem like such a big deal now but at the time I was freaking out. Not that I had to play, I was excited about that but because of the situation. It was late in the…show more content…
I contemplated if it was worth my time to finish out the last two years of my career. I figured I was never going to play much. A freshman who was behind me on the depth chart at the beginning of the season, passed me midway through the season so I saw no playing time the last half of the year. I never had a problem balancing school and football, but I found myself bringing football, to school. During class and while taking tests, I was thinking about football and why everything had gone terribly wrong suddenly. The last thing I wanted was for my grades to suffer. At this time, I had to decide, whether I wanted to take the easy route and drop the sport I had loved my whole life, or push forward and prove that I could be the player I knew I could be. I went with the latter of the two. I worked harder than ever that offseason and proved myself during camp that I could be the starter and if needed, coach could run the ball behind me at will. Once I proved my worth on the field, I excelled even more in the classroom and felt better about myself. I ended up starting all ten games my junior season and could not wait for my senior
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