The Mental Health System In Skid Row

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Response to: What would you change about the mental health system after seeing “Skid Row”? (meaning resources for individuals with mental illness.) (King 2010) The film “Skid Row” was very insightful on the injustices of the mentally ill caused by the government. The film specifically highlighted the health system issues and how the lack of mental health assistance from the government has hindered progression and recovery of many people living on Skid Row. Thousands of individuals suffer from mental illnesses on Skid Row and many are living on the streets because of their mental illnesses and their inability to cope/ interact with the rest of the world. The government has done little to nothing to rectify the issue of the homeless and mentally …show more content…

For example, in class Ms. Giovenco discussed how veterans who turn to marijuana, because high amounts of prescribed medications make them feel groggy and dead are cut from their assistance from the government. By cutting veterans off from their probably means of survival just continues the cycle of homeless mentally ill on the street is unfair. If more physicians were concerned about the amounts of medications, they gave patients and more aware of the patient’s feelings on medications it could gain trust and dependence on the health system and possibly keep patients from straying away from treatment. In conclusion, if the government worked more towards establishing better conditions for people with mental illnesses instead of disassociating them from society there would less mentally ill people on the streets. The government has postponed solving the issue of the mentally ill and homeless population instead of creating an ethical and efficient way to deal with the situation. The film, “Skid Row” revealed many issues in health system and showed the difficulties people with mental illnesses have to go through. Observing the struggle of the mentally ill motivates me to want to make a difference even

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