Mental Illness In Jenny Lawson's Furiously Happy About Horrible Things

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Jenny Lawson’s focus of her book, Furiously Happy about Horrible Things, is to educate people on the detrimental effects caused by mental illnesses. Throughout the book, Lawson develops the significance of mental illnesses with stories from many of her various experiences with mental illness. Lawson then goes on to show many methods that she uses to conquer her depression and severe anxiety. Lawson uses her exuberant and witty personality to cope with the struggles of living with a mental disorder. Along with sharing many of her own coping mechanisms, Lawson attempts to enlighten people on what to do if they see someone they love showing signs of a mental illness. The main purpose of the book is to inform the reader on how she confronts her…show more content…
She states, “ I've struggled with many forms of mental illness since i was a kid,but clinical depression is a semi regular visitor and anxiety is my long term abusive boyfriend”(2). Lawson is informing the audience that she has a close relationship with mental illness, and her statements come from experience not facts from doctors. The entirety of the book is based off of instances that Lawson has encountered throughout her life, whether it is good or bad. “ I suspect that I am being stalked by a mad woman. I am. That mad woman is me” (11). Convinced that her insomnia creates the most brilliant 2am thoughts she begins to write herself little notes in her notes page on her phone. She shares this personal information to the audience as if the audience was a close relative of…show more content…
Lawson portrays her mental illness in way that is relatable to people in similar circumstances. She articulates the daily internal struggle to fight off the mental demons that threaten her ability to find peace and happiness. She also shares her story so people who are unfamiliar with mental illness can learn the signs and methods to help the people diagnosed. She discloses her struggles to provide others with experience, strength and hope. She encourages people who are struggling to reach out for help from loved ones. She believes that unity is key and that everyone should be aware of the signs of struggle and lend a loving hand to those in
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