Mentally-Ill In Prison

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The Untied States has the highest rated of adult incarceration about 2.2 million in jail or in prison. About half of those inmates are mentally ill; the cause of this problem may me a result of deinstitutionalization of the state 's mental health system. In other words, the state has put the mentally ill humans in a correctional facility as they were in an asylum and the prisons holds more mentally ill humans than a state hospital nationwide. These offenders are mistreated inside of jails and prison, believes it or not it has been proven. Most of these individual have different illness, which consist of psychotic illness, depression, personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder, organic disorders and there’s many more illnesses and disorders. These types of inmates require special treatment and attention of the correctional officers. Most of the prisons in the United States lack the right medication to give to their inmates and the mentally ill get sicker and sicker while they are incarcerated, one of the reasons may be because …show more content…

Some communities are working to divert the mentally ill the criminal justice system by forming crisis intervention teams (CIT). These intervention teams are made up of law enforcement who has received special training in how to treat the mentally ill and have learned practical techniques for de-escalating volatile situations involving the mentally ill. There are about 50-80 CIT programs across the United States, who are willing to help the mentally ill. The U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration 's Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS) has announced the availability of grants for community programs to divert the mentally ill from the justice system into treatment programs. The mentally ill who gets arrested for not violent crimes will be divert to special mental health diversion court that are similar to drug

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