Michael Bennett Chapter Summaries

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The book I,Michael Bennet starts off in New York City with detcective Michael Bennett, who is planning to arrested one of the most noturios criminals Mannuel "the sun king" Perrine. He was a vicaious murderer, a billonaire drug dealer,and ran the Tepitpo drug cartel. Bennet is a NYPD detective which puts him lead officer in the case. They plan to catch perrine when he makes one of his few trips out if Mexico in to the Unites states. The arrest soon turns to a shoot out and Bennetts good friend Hughie is killed by perrines right hand woman marrieta. But perrine is caught by Bennet. Being in jail does not stop perrine as we soon find out he has security guards on his side and still has many ways of making orders, on eof those orders is to kill the informants that helped lead to his …show more content…

Michael decides to take his family on a vacation for the summer to his lake house in Newburgh. Then there is the first hearing for the trial which is pretty uneventful. Inbetween now and the second hearing we learn about the drug problems and gang violence Newburgh is fcaing. Then during in the second trial one of perrines men killed five court officers and the judge on the case. Then following that Bennets kids Eddie and Brian were shot in Newburgh by one of the bloods that worked for perrine, but they made a full recovery. Yhen once They find a new judge for the trial perrine is tried for the third time perrine escapes and lots of people blame Bennet for letting him get away. The find out his hideout a few weeks later and make a plan to try to get him but he escapes. But fourtantley all the cops are okay and they killed Marietta who killed Hughie. After this michael makes a plan with tara and his contacts to help get Newburgh cleaned up and they

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