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Gone by Michael Grant is a adventurous story that lets teenagers escape from their everyday life and take the place of a hero. The novel starts of in a middle school in California and life is the same as it had been for just a few moments. Then all of the adults in the school have mysteriously disappeared, and the kids are all alone. During this time of panic Sam and Astrid take control as leaders and want everyone to go to there homes and find their parents. They begin to figure out that everyone disappears when they turn 15 years old. All of the adults in the town are gone, and this kids need to find out what is happening to their town. This book has a good strong start that provides a conflict early on in the story. The reader gets pulled in to the action by the sudden disappearance in the school. The story had not started of with major character development like most other books. This encourages the reader to always what to know more about the characters and get a better understanding of what they are thinking. …show more content…

The story really likes to show what is going on in the story and not just tell it. When characters are walking for one place to another, Michael provides a scene with substance that adds to the overall story. There are many scenes that bond together different settings of the story like when Sam and Astrid learn more about their family life and the struggles they have when walking to find supplies to use at the beach. Sam and Astrid aslo come across many people when going from place to place like the twin girls who had disappeared because it was there 15th

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