Book Report On Twice Taken By Susan Pfeffer

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The book Twice Taken, written by Susan Beth Pfeffer, is an intense mystery book. The story is about a young 16-year old girl who has two names. Her father abducted her at age 5 and her original name is Amy. Her father changes her name to Brooke, and they move to different locations for 11 years so she can’t be found. While babysitting, Amy/Brooke is watching a show called Still Missing. She sees her father on the story and calls the 800-number at the bottom of the screen and is reunited with her mother. Amy has a hard time adjusting to her new family, and her new school, for she is not allowed to see or talk to her father. The jury decided that the only way they can communicate is by writing, but even then, Amy’s mom has the option to not let her read his letters. The setting takes place in …show more content…

This setting affects the characters because if it weren’t a small town, she never would have been able to leave the kids and would not have been reunited with her mother. I infer this because the book reads, “I can’t just leave. I’m babysitting….‘I found someone, Mrs. Cobb three doors down. She’s coming right over.’” The story kept me involved because everything keeps going wrong, and it makes me want to read to see what happens next. Susan Beth Pfeffer uses a lot of detail when describing things that happen in the book. For example, the text says, “I tried to pull Tiffany away from me, when I saw Brian returning with a carton of eggs. He took on of the eggs out and was just about to throw it when I shook myself free of Tiffany, who landed on her fanny…. Brian, who gave the egg a healthy toss in my direction. I ducked, and the egg splatted on an end table.” By describing events such as this one, I can clearly imagine what is happening. The plot moves quickly in this story because Amy/Brooke is busy most of the time with things like clubs and family. The author wrote, “The meeting broke up close to five. After awhile I’d been able to concentrate on

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