Michael Oher's Life In Michael Lewis The Blind Side

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In The Blind Side by Michael Lewis, he writes about the life of Michael Oher, an American young man, who was born in Memphis, Tennessee. He struggles with issues such as poverty, his childhood, trying to maintain dignity, and he hoped to dream of a better life. It is difficult for African American’s living in poverty to obtain their dreams, especially since they deal with many difficulties such as racism and discrimination. However, even though it takes a lot for one to obtain his/her dreams, dreams are always achievable if one enhance their social and economic life. While the idea in Michael Lewis’s The Blind Side, reveals that it is possible for one to succeed in life, it is the outcome of one’s socioeconomic factors that ultimately defines the merit of one’s character and the degree of his contentment.

Family is an important aspect and a major priority in one’s life. The author, Michael Lewis, proves in The Blind Side that family is everything and for Michael Oher’s family, family is his biggest influence and motivation. His family is his biggest socioeconomic …show more content…

His childhood influenced his social life because it made him a stronger man and more outgoing, which is very important to his social life. For instance, Michael's future changed the day he met the Tuohys, but his past was something he was still trying to forget. Michael Oher was born Michael Jerome Williams Jr. on May 28, 1986, in Memphis, Tennessee. He was one of 12 children born to Michael Jerome Williams Sr. and Denise Oher, who provided their children with little to no support. Michael Sr. was frequently in prison, and Denise was addicted to crack cocaine. As a result, Michael Oher was in-and-out of foster homes and frequently homeless. He also performed poorly as a student, repeating first grade and second grade and attending 11 different schools during his first nine years as a

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