Michael Pollans Arguments About The Western Diet

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I believe that Micheal Pollan has described the bad habbits that the typical Americans do in majority of the time by mistaking fast foods with the whole healthy foods because lack of time or lifestyle. In the Michael Pollans argument about the "Western Diet" he informs that the majority of the American population about the western diet and believes that they need to get away from it, but it's for their own better health that many of us sometimes forget or don't even pay attention to it. There's many factors that the reasons Americans should get away from it is only to avoid the harmful chemicals we eat from a plain cheeseburger or fries and that effects our metabolism to get worse associated with it as the "western diseases" (page 433) Micheal Pollan has said. …show more content…

Because when we do crave something is because our body is looking for and that is why we would eat food that is good or bad for us. Also even forward that in the article she claims that the food is "not moral or immoral" and that we can eat whatever we would like to a certain limit and not suffer any negative health effects about the food which may contain bad chemicals in it, which she avoids talking about and describing the harmful things that it can contain. Our metabolism is not healthy if we continue like this, our food that we live around us and we see everywhere can be contagious and harmful that is why Amercians suffers from heart disease, high blood, and diabetes. That would be why our metabolism isn't healthy and has no nutritional value to healthy or better organics foods choices. To helping supporting his views based on the issue, Michael Pollan describes factors of the western diet about non healthy foods and what contains in it that dictate what Americans believe they should

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