Review Of In Defense Of Food By Michael Pollen

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"Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants" the first sentences of Michael Pollen’s book “In Defense of Food”. The author mentions the food to our life in a various different way. The author makes the reader to curious the critical meaning of sciences, diet and product. First of all, the author gives us clear definition the "food", according to Pollen is something that grows naturally rather than getting from the manufactory. The natural food will help us provide vitamins, proteins, minerals and calories for energy in a day. Moreover, the author expands the ideas of "mostly plants" has a meaning is fruits and vegetable, not seeds. The food mostly plants include avocados, olive oil, fatty fish and nuts to assist people to live healthier. In addition, …show more content…

People eat a lot animal have chemistry can lead them to the bad conditions of their health such as heart attack, high blood pressure, cancer and much more. The best way people should back to traditional eating and choose fresh food without chemical. In most traditional diets, when calories are adequate, the nutrient intake will usually be adequate as well. He is not a person follow the meal of "nutritionism". Pollen also claims that people's knowledge of nutritionism by studying science about component nutrients of food which people believe and follow it. He gives an explanation of nutritionism is “decidedly unscientific things” (19) and studying nutrients is “the only thing [nutritional scientists] can do” (62). He explains in detail that the nutrient content of the food depends on the different soil. Different food has so many nutrition, each food has many functions to aid to build the human body stronger. The author reminds us that in nutrition science, much is still a theory and most encouragements need to improve. Also, nutrition science has usually put more of its energies into the idea that the problems it studies are the result of too much of a bad thing instead of too little of a good

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