Obesity In America Essay

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“I grew up in West Virginia currently the third-fattest state in America. When I was growing up, my mother cooked dinner every single day. Almost all my memories of her are in the kitchen. And we never ate out, only on those few, rare special occasions. Today, families do it all the time, and they're paying for it -- not only with their wallets, but with their waistlines.” (Morgan Spurlock, 2004). Today, approximately 35% of the 20 years old and over are considered overweight and this scourge is visible on children too and more than 10% of adults in the world are considered as obese. At the head of this globalized trouble, America, birth place of fast foods. This major worldwide drawback is infecting more and more people every day, provoking …show more content…

Governments find the health situation due to obesity more and more alarming. Those troubles lead to other problems and one of the most important is cardiovascular diseases. Facing this situation, it is hard for a state not to do something to counter this scourge but regarding the results of the last states’ tries building new measures correspond to taking the risk of failing as before. Nevertheless, countries continue to set up measures and try to find solutions that will fit better to the population than the previous taxes. In fact, in the article Junk Food Taxes to counter obesity, Frank et al are explaining that even if there is a massive debate around this topic, projects around this topic are still in construction. “By and large, tax propositions fall into 2 camps: taxes on specific nutrients and taxes on predefined food and beverage categories.” (Frank et al, 2013). The debate between both parties proves that governments are still thinking about how to make perfect measures that will fit with the expectations of population, not hurting them but with efficient results on health. They are only separate into two sides, taxing all products that are too fat or only junk food and sodas that are not necessary needs respecting people’s

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