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Some Experts’ Opinions
You might see him on Fox news or maybe shouting in a courtroom, the adjunct professor from Georgetown, Dr. Michael Sheuer, or simply, “Mike”, has major concerns about the way American’s foreign policy has been handled in recent years. The choice isn 't between war and peace. It is between war and endless war , in this age of warfare, the purpose of conflicts that our leaders drag us into, become uncertain as the deaths multiply. Mike has a valid point. During his career running operations in the CIA, the Bin Laden case is a standout, so it is important that people of opposing views at least take a minute to consider his steady, keen outcry against the way American leaders deal with foreign allies. Mike may be filled with …show more content…

Obviously, Mike is honestly anxious about something. He believes our strategy with regards to Israel and Saudi Arabia, is becoming excessively unfruitful. “I’d dump the Israelis tomorrow”, he reasons that the only way towards fixing the issue of misinforming the public about the costs of war (dead Americans) is through breaking ties with Israel and deserting Saudi Arabia. People do not agree with women’s rights so let them be. Interventionism is not so far off from something like the tyrannical nature of bullies around the middle school playgrounds of the United States, poking around in other people’s business, reminiscent of authoritarian leaders of the past. Democracy spreading in the Middle East is counterintuitive and according to Mike, it does no benefits to intervene any longer. He believes that intervening in other countries problems, motivates a sensitive group, the Muslims all around the globe, into triggering unfortunate actions like shooting up a nightclub. Why he believes this concept, is explained through six notions; U.S. support of Israel, support of dictatorship in the Middle East, inhabiting of the Arabian Peninsula, Israelis escalating, reliance on inexpensive oil, military presence in other countries in the “Muslim world”, and lastly, our unfair disposition to categorize as terrorist, any Muslim population that one of our allies (Russia or China) dislikes. Above all else, the self-appointed duty of America, as the democratic police of the world, has ironically become our Achilles

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