Middle Of Nowhere Ruby Analysis

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Middle of Nowhere
In the film Middle of Nowhere Ruby, which is the main character, is transformed significantly throughout the movie. She left medical school to stay close to her husband, Derrick, which had an 8-year term in prison. She kept sacrificing and struggling to get him out of prison until she discovered that he had sexually engaged with one of the officers. This was a shocking point for her and it caused the shift in her perspective and character. She realized that she was stubborn and gave undeserved loyalty to her husband. I believe that all the characters (mother, sister, lover and others) had a huge impact on that transformation, but the person who had the most impact was Derrick. She was expecting him to work, study, and keep his head down thus he could leave prison early and be back with her.
One instance that proved to her she was being fooled by Derrick was when she noticed the scare on his neck, and she asked him what it was then he replied that it was a street thing. Another instance was when she
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She was trying to get her to go to parties and get out of the bad mood that Ruby was in. There is one scene in which she took Ruby out to the beach and told her that she should meet someone new. Additionally, she told her to put herself in the right places to meet who she wants. The sister kept giving Ruby advices on relationships but Ruby completely ignored her. In one of the scenes Ruby and her sister where sitting on a couch and the sister was telling Ruby that she should move on but Ruby replied “you’re not in any kind of situation to give advice about relationships” which shows how Ruby was not listening to her sister. The nephew also noticed that Derrick was missing and asked Ruby about him, he also asked what Derrick liked to do and Ruby told him that Derrick did dirt while she was watching it. I believe at that point Ruby started realizing that she should move
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