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In the book Milkweed by Jerry Spinelli, Misha Pilsudski is a brave boy that survives from starving or even freeze in the winter.
Summary Paragraph (if necessary): Orphaned at an early age, the main character also known as Misha Pilsudski, eventually assumes an identity that his friend, Uri, present upon him. Unsure whether he is a Jew, a Gypsy, or simply a boy named "Stop thief," Main character suddenly becomes Misha Pilsudski. While trying to steal food, Misha befriends a young girl named Janina Milgrom. When her family is forced into the Warsaw ghetto, he happily travels with them, unaware of the grave danger. Misha forges important relationships in the Warsaw ghetto against the backdrop of the Holocaust.
Body Paragraph 1: Misha Pilsudski is indeed a very brave boy after all. He survived a lot of things as an orphan. The main character can have different types of mood for example, sometimes he feels stressed, bored, happy or anxious. …show more content…

As you can see he might be one of those savage kids that want to steal from people, which in this case he does. “I never see who was chasing me. I never stopped long enough to eat the bread. When I awaken from my dream or memory, my legs are tingling.” This might have to deal with mood because, he was anxious and stressed while stealing that piece of bread just to survive. Misha had someone help him out while he stole the bread, Uri was maybe the second most important character since, he helped misha out during the winter. “I expected to come back with so much food I’d have to push it one item at a time through the two- brick hole. But all I could find was a jar of fish chunks. As I squeezed back through the hole, the jar fell and broke. I picked up the chunks, brushed off the dirt, ate one, and stuffed the rest into my pockets. I went straight to the Milgrom’s . Uncle Shepsel gave his usual greeting: “Ah, the smelly

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