Mini-Project 2: Emotional Design Analysis: Interaction And Design

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Mini-Project 2: Emotional Design Analysis I 300 HCI/ Interaction and Design Overview: This project is an evaluation of the emotional responses according to Don Norman’s framework. I will define the different responses that will be then used to evaluate an object of importance to me. In this case, I have chosen to examine the watch that I wear everyday. Background: The watch is a rose-gold Fossil watch with a medium sized face and detailing around the face. My watch is what I use to look at when I am unsure of what time it is, and also when I need to know the date. It provides all of this information very readily on the face. Also, the hands glow in the dark so even when I am in a dark room or outside, by looking at the watch, I am able to generally tell what time of day it is. I rarely leave the house without it and usually just take it off before bed and when showering. Emotional …show more content…

One of my favorite colors of metals is rose-gold so when I look at the watch, I immediately think about how much I love that color. I also loved the detailing and the shininess of the watch because that makes it look very appealing and beautiful. I also like that the general look of it matches my wardrobe and other jewelry that I already wear. Behavioural Response: The behavioural response I experience with my watch is content. It provides all of the basic functions that I ask of it. Meaning that it tells me what time of day it is, and it also tells me the date. Sometimes I feel frustration with it because it can be a bit heavy on my wrist, and it is not waterproof. As well as when the battery dies and it can no longer perform its function. When this happens, I get a little upset because I have to take it to a jewelry store to get it replaced which can be an annoying

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