Great Expectations Pip Persuasion Quotes

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Like any human being, Pip made a lot of wrong and right decisions in his life. For example, he showed kindness and helped Magwitch, a criminal who ran away from prison, and later he dicovered that he was the one who gave him money, and helped him move to London, and be a gentlemen. Pip also assisted Miss Havisham, and it was during his help at her house that he met Estelle. He wasn't satisfied with his work with his brother-in-law Joe, and wanted to do more in his life, and so he later moved to London, to seek his dream of becoming a gentlemen.
While being in London, he was despertly trying to fit in with the people around him, and because of that he found himself owing money to a lot of people. When he figured out that the opportunity …show more content…

She then instructed Estelle to play cards with him, and started to insult him. She ridiculed him for having stiff hands. Pip thought the girl hated him.when he was told to leave he was given some food from Estelle who continued to be rude to him he felt mortifiedand insulted and held back his tears and when Estelle saw how upset he was she laughed at him and told him to leave.
We discover that Miss havisham's purpose behind bringing Pip to her house is to see his reaction to Estelle's beauty, and she succeded in that because he is instantly attraced to her, even after she continues to be mean towards him, and that’s when Pip start to resent his childhood and the way he was raised. Pip doesn't tell anyone about how he was treated at Miss Havisham's house , and when he was pushed to share he lies to his family.thtoghout his visits to Miss Havisham's house he continues to feel inferior to Estelle, but at the same time his infatuation with her cannot be stopped, and so he comes to the decision to become a repectable gentleman so he can be able to cofess his feelings to her, thinking that him being common and normal is what preventing her from loving

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