Missionary Address Rhetorical Analysis

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Several Sunday mornings ago, a local church had a missionary as a guest speaker, and his speech appealed to the congregation through his incorporation of ethos, logos, and pathos. The missionary began his speech by stating that he had originally planned to become a pastor after graduating from seminary, but after receiving his degree he felt led to use his skills to assist the less fortunate. He soon joined an organization and has spent the past eight years in Latin America helping others while teaching Christianity. In the previous statement, the missionary attempted to appeal to the congregation through ethos. He discussed seminary school and his missionary experience in order to establish credibility as a trustworthy man of God. As the missionary continued his speech he discussed the high crime and poverty rate in Latin America, and he stated that Americans have an obligation to assist Latin Americans as the United States is an abundantly blessed nation. The missionary integrated a slide show into his speech, and he projected statistics of the crime and poverty rates in Latin America and the United States in order to give the congregation perspective. The following part of the speech was the missionary’s …show more content…

The missionary’s speech was his attempt at persuading the congregation to donate money to him and his cause. Truly, his use of ethos, logos, and pathos was genuine. Throughout his speech, he spoke with a sincerity that externalized his compassion for others, especially Latin Americans. Also, the missionary put a lot of focus on not just teaching Christianity but on owning a loving Christian character through humanity and kindness. The missionary honestly discussed his past, used honest statistics, and gave his speech to help Latin Americans. He was a good guy who after church personally thanked everyone for their

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