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Jeremy Johnston
Period 8

People from ancient and modern times have different concepts of people being “heroes”. In ancient times, heros were people who had to overcome obstacles and beat their inner demons. They have to go on a journey and beat their opponents with their smart personality.Being a hero in the modern era is a lot easier. In the modern times a hero is a person who helps their community by saving people and giving to the community. Both King Leonidas and Simo Haya were considered heroes, they risked their lives to save their homeland.

The modern definition of a hero is a lot better than the ancient one in many ways. Many people do great things and they should be recognized as heroes. In the ancient era only great …show more content…

Simo Haya was born in the first decade of the 1900’s in Rautajarvi in Finland. Rautajarvi is very close to the Soviet Union border and a farming region. He worked hard and near his 20th birthday mandatory military service was required. Simo worked hard again, and advanced through the ranks. He later joined the Finnish Civil Guard. The Civil Guard was a government organization that was designed to keep Finland’s borders safe. During his training in the Civil Guard, he became a very good marksman. People said that he could shoot a target 16 times in one minute from 500 meters away. In 1939 when the Soviet Union began to invade FInland. Simo was called into duty. He and his company were stationed on the Kollaa River. Instead of close quarters combat, SImo was a sniper. He fought the Soviet Union with his Mosin Nagant rifle. Unlike an ordinary sniper, Simo did not like to use telegraphic sights because he knew that the glare of the site would give away his position. So, he stuck with his rifle’s factory made iron sights. He was able to kill around 500 Soviet Union soldiers in 100 days. The Soviet Union’s infantry troops were very afraid of Simo Haya and they nicknamed him the “white death”. Simo's career ended when a Soviet Union counter sniper hit Simo in the jaw with an explosive round, which knocked him unconscious and put him in a coma. After being in a coma for 11 days. The day he came out of his coma, the Soviet Union signed a peace treaty with

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