Modern System Flaws Analysis

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The Flaws in Modern System Beliefs
Dovskeyesky uses Rodya and Svidrigailov highlight the flaws in Nihilistic beliefs and expose how the Nihilist's ultimate goal is to be viewed as superior and to accomplish Nihilist inner idea of elevated self-worth and how Sonya is the book’s symbol of morality and Christianity and how her beliefs helped to highlight these flaws even more. Crime and Punishment uses its most faulty characters to show us all the problems with Nihilism and the extreme effects that it can have live life based off of these beliefs. Both Rodya and Porfy had huge problems because of their self-centered belief they struggled both externally and internally because they felt as if they did not have to answer to anyone.
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The old woman was merely a sickness . . . I was in a hurry to step over . . . it wasn’t a human being I killed, it was a principle!”( C and P pg.274). This quotes shows that Raskolnikov did not even see the pawnshop owner as a person he seen her a something that did not have a place in society. The next character that Dovskeyeskey uses to point out these flaws is Svidrigailov, Svidrigailov is a very delusion character, he often does thing for self-pleasure and does not care how he gets his way. Svid. had no sense of right or wrong, he did what ever pleased him. He is a character that definitely put emphasis on the flaws in Nihilism,this is because felt that he could do what he wanted as long as he did not get caught. Throughout the book Svid. committed crime after crime because he felt that if he didn't get caught then he was okay to do what he wanted. He had no sense of morality. Svid character was used to show how depraved living as a Nihilist can be. Svid. character demonstrates how living with no morals actually make you lose the will to live because in the end Svid had no one to live for but himself and he felt as if his life had no meaning so he killed himself. Svid wanted to be in control of his

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