Mommy's Argument In Favor Of Abortion

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Mommy, I am only five inches, but I have all of my organs. The sound of your voice makes me happy, when I hear you talking to me. I wave my arms so you know I am here. Listening to your heartbeat is my favorite song. Why are you crying mommy? It makes me cry when you are not happy. The doctor lied to you. I am a baby. I am yours. I think and I feel mommy. I can hear that doctor again. I do not like him. He is cold Why is he messing up my home? It is a needle mommy. It burns. It hurts. I cannot get away from it. What is he doing? Stop him. HELP!!
Women should not have an abortion. Unwanted babies can be adopted. Abortion is one of the most known ways a woman decides to get rid of a baby that she did not want. Doctor's promise …show more content…

The baby is living just like you are the child should not have to die for the crimes of the father. Just because the mother and father are irresponsible that does not mean you kill it, You could set the baby up for adoption. “Abortion is the ultimate in selfishness. It puts the mother's convenience and desires above the life of her own baby. To kill the baby in the womb means to consider oneself more important than anyone else” (Slick). You are sitting in a chair the baby that is inside of you is being torn apart starting from its legs, then the baby's head is stabbed with scissors and then crushed to where the brain is destroyed. To think about that happening is just hurtful and you will regret when it is all done. Their blood is crying out to you from the ground where it is spilled. The baby can feel the pain just like the mother can as it is being …show more content…

The abortion is over you are now feeling shame, angry, you will lose self confidence may even have suicidal thoughts or feelings all because you decided to take the life of an innocent unborn child. The people who is prone to be be more emotional and have more side effects are “Individuals who were persuaded to have an abortion, even those who obtain the abortion in the later stages in the abortion” (emotional side). If this is the case you should get help with professionals that could make the situation a little better. Talk to others who have been through the same thing or had an unplanned pregnancy how was it for

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