Moral Decisions In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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In Romeo & Juliet, the story compares how free willingly decisions break apart the love of Romeo & Juliet. This story tells us about how Romeo & Juliet wanted to be together,but their parents couldn’t get along so they came up with a plan, then they tested the plan only to find out ………….. it was a tragic ending. Romeo & Juliet’s death was caused by character’s good intentions,fight between characters and the characters perfumery of their actions. The character's good intentions played a little part in Romeo & Juliet’s death. It all started when Friar Lawrence married them, he hooked them two up and announced that they were married. He did this because he thought that it was going to lead into something good and surprising, so he married …show more content…

Then after the Capulets,comes along Tybalt, and he is the one that caused all the fights with Romeo,even though he was told by the Capulets to leave him alone,then Tybalt also kills Mercutio, causing the family to be depressed,then after that he comes all the way back from where he was at to where Romeo and Tybalt was arguing, just to continue the argument between the two. The here come Friar John,in which really didn’t have much to do with Romeo & Juliet’s death,but anyways all he did was did not deliver the message to Romeo because he was quarantined.Friar Lawrence didn’t have much of anything to Romeo’s death, but he did play a part in Juliet’s death. He gave Juliet some poison potion and then leaves her in the tomb alone not knowing that she was going to drink the potion. But Benvolio & Mercutio played a HUGE part in Romeo’s and Juliet's death because besides Tybalt they were the ones causing the fight between the characters.But they had big part in Romeo’s death because they teased him about finding a new girl almost all the time, then they made him go to the party that party that he knew the Capulets were at,and then while the Tybalt kept on telling Romeo and the Capulets what they were saying about each other, Mercutio kept on instigating the fights between the two of

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