Moral Development Lord Of The Flies Quote Analysis

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Lord Of The Flies As golding says “I suddenly saw how horrific people could be , as compared to the nice people I had known for the last five years.” Kohlberg is important to lord of the flies because his chart helps us understand what the boys are thinkings and how they morally stand throughout the book. Everyone was analyzed with kohlberg's theory of moral development. I will be analyzing the moral development of Piggy, Jack, Ralph from beginning to end in the Lord of The Flies The first character is Piggy. Durring chapter 1-3 piggy would be considered a stage 5. The quote I chose was “piggy stirred “i'll come” ralph turned to him. “you're no good at a job like this”all the same””we don't want you” said jack flatly”(golding 24). …show more content…

from chapter 1-3 ralph would be considered a stage 4. On page 23 the book says “ralph counted”i'm chief then””(golding 23). This quote is a stage 4 because he is trying to give someone power so that there would be more structure and everyone can do their duty. Through chapters 4-6 ralph is a stage 4 again. on page 75 it says “ralph watched them envious and resentful, not till they flagged and the chant died away did he speak “I’m calling an assembly””(golding 75). This quote is a stage 4 because even with all the chaos that jack is stirring up jack is still trying to abide by the laws that he created with the help of others. almost at the end of the book ralph could be considered a stage 5. In the book ralph says “going to be a storm said ralph breathlessly and you'll have rain like when we dropped here's who’s clever now”(golding 151). The quote is a stage 5 because he is trying to save the boys from making a mistake and is warning them, even though it’s in a mean way he still cares because if he didn't care for the better of the group he wouldn't have told them at all. At the end of the book Jack was a stage 5. when the boys got rescued the book says “ Ralph wept for the end of innocence the darkness of man's heart and the fall through the air of the true, wise friend called piggy”(golding 207). He is at a stage 5 because even though he just go rescued he is thinking of the others and what they did for him. Jack was the one of the morally best characters in the entire book that

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