Moral Egoism In Kanye West

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Kanye West is someone that has influenced pop culture in a major way. Kanye West presents the ethical position of the social ethical egoism. First, we have to know what moral egoism actually means and that is that "the normative ethical theory that says actions are morally right just because they maximize self-interest" (Garcia, 13). Since Kanye is seen as a big influencer to the public eye he has made himself become a moral exemplar in people's eyes or someone who is seen as a person to follow because of his character. For example, lots of people love what Kanye does whether it's his music, fashion, or public opinion he often influences the minds of other to think the way he does. Many idolize Kanye and look up to him as an entrepreneur that he has become, he calls …show more content…

This is giving people a misinterpretation of what life should be about and that's happiness, good doing, and virtuous instead he gives the image of greed, gluttony, and pride. What we must do is to stop letting people influence what we think is right and wrong and what we think we need in life versus what we actually need in life. What I've learned in class applies to this topic because it highlights the wrong doings of some celebrities like Kanye West and how he actually influences the minds of other in the world and how his wrong doing and self interest in himself can actually affect the mind of others and the lives they will want to live. To solve this, I think we need to apply the ethical position of the principle of universalizability which is "An act is morally acceptable if, and only if, its maxim is universalizability" (Garcia,16). What this means is that we need a society in which what we do can be accepted by everyone that way nobody can see anything as a way of

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