Mormons In Beowulf

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1. I love how is talks about the weaknesses and strengths of being a Mormon. That interests me because there are people who only dis on Mormons. It always seems like non-Mormons say how self-righteous we are and how morons are the devils. Its like there’s two sides, the hypocritical Mormons or the unclean, sinful non-Mormons. In reality we are all hypocrites ands unclean in some way. This article just tells both sides without offending anyone, it tells us how the world really is. Marilyn Friedman explains she is a little Jewish girl and doesn’t understand why she went to a BYU Mormon school, until she actually meets everyone. “They couldn’t be nicer, humbler, more respectful.” I think she was that we are all just people with different religions.…show more content…
I thought bringing the heroic cycle would be a great way to get a good story line that resembles Beowulf and his life. Well first off my story will be about a stuck up teenage boy that happens to get cancer and that goes through all these trials. The teenage boy just got told he has cancer and a 50% chance of surviving. His allies of course will be his wonderful parents and his smoking hot girlfriend. As in Beowulf he has his trusty soldiers behind him, ready to fight. When the teenage boy “crosses the threshold” the cancer finally catches up to him. He goes through all these trials of his girlfriend breaking up with him cause she said, “Its to hard for me.” and he has to go through all these treatments including chemo. As goes for Beowulf, he goes up against Grendel and his mother to the death. Beowulf saves his experiences by being able to tell his story and he keeps a part of Grendel as a gift or treasure. The teenage boy receives gifts and gets well soon cards; the lord must have been on his side because he seems to be getting better. He becomes a whole knew, better person and returns to his normal self but mentally even better. As for “sharing the gift” the boy volunteers at the hospital where he was treated and tries everyday to make the kids with cancer smile. Beowulf’s story ends with one last battle that saves the town but ends his life as well, he was able to share his treasures with
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