Gay Marriage: Societal Suicide By Charles Colson

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In the short essay, " Gay "Marriage": Societal Suicide”. Olson is headstrong towards the fact that gay marriage is unnecessary and will lead to the degradation of society. Clearly, Colson strongly opposes gay marriage and has given reason to his position however, in some parts, it lacks the necessary evidence needed to support the argument.

Charles Colson writes an essay opposing gay marriage. He first cites his outrage towards the authorities for allowing it to be implemented in the law as he strongly believes that heterosexual marriage is the traditional building block of human society. Colson then states the consequences of gay marriage being implemented and gives reference to the statistics. Later on, it is found that Colson is a Christian who believes that at the end of the day " there is one natural moral order of the family".

Colson begins the essay the essay by explaining how gay marriage was "forced on us" by judicial fiat. Colson believes that the Federal Marriage Amendment, was severely broken between heterosexual marriage when the states implemented gay marriage legal across the entire United States. He then stated that this action would have an …show more content…

He first explained how marriagewas forced upon the Christian community. He then gave the consequencesof gay marriage and how it can affect society. He also gave evidence from experiences to statistics to crack up his point. He then relayedback to what he believed as a Christian which was a married mother and father nurturing children in a stable home. He then ended his essay under hasty generalisation. I believe the writer was able to convince the reader due to his points from a Christian's point of view. This can impact readers as it shows that human rights does not actually mean freedom for all but sometimes it is at another's disadvantage in terms of religious

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