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1.Match each cultural group with its corresponding cultural practice.
1 c Asian

2. a Hispanic

3. d Native American

4. b African American

a. Some may seek a balance between the body and mind through the use of “cold” remedies or foods for “hot” illnesses, and vice versa.
b. Some may use folk medicine, protective bracelets, and laying on of hands.
c. Some believe that opposing forces lead to illness or health, depending on which force is dominant in the individual and whether the forces are balanced. Balance produces healthy states.
d. Some believe in the need for a balance among body, mind, and environment to maintain health and harmony with nature.

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Band name Morphine Sulfate IR, Morphine Sulfate ER.
Generic name Morphine.
OTC name Morphine.
Pregnancy category D.
Drug class Narcotic analgesics.
Dosage 10-30mg q24h/ 5-20mg q4-6h/ IV 2.5-15mg.
Drug indication/uses To treat moderate to severe pain, cough suppression, to treat diarrhea, anesthesia, acute pulmonary edema, cancer pain.
Drug action Binds to Mu receptor and inhibits substance P in CNS.
Contraindication Severe asthma, increases intracranial pressure, pregnancy, respiratory depression.
Main side effects Respiratory depression, light headedness, sedation, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, constipation, abdominal pain.
Patient education To take Morphine with meals to avoid abdominal cramps and nausea. To avoid driving and carry heavy machines. To take it before sleep.
Nursing intervention Monitor vital sings especially respiratory rate and have the antidote (naloxone) on hand, maximize the therapeutic effects by assessing the pain before and after medication administration, minimize side effects by assist the patient while walking and keep side rails up, provide patient and family education about side effects and how to avoid and minimize

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