Alternative medicine Essays

  • Alternative Medicine History

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    therapeutic that is not considered as a part of medical treatment has known as alternative medicine (A.M). Many people prefer that type of medicine because they feel that is a good way to get better and Cancer patient like it in spite of radiation therapy. ¹Marceline, Lindsey, Nelson, and Gail A. Showed the six type of medicine (2005). First type is Traditional alternative medicine examples Acupuncture, Naturopathy, and Chinese medicine. Second form is Body, includes Massage, Tai chi, and yoga based on idea

  • Pros And Cons Of Complementary And Alternative Medicine

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    Review of Literature COMPLEMENTARY AND ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE (CAM) Complementary and Alternative medicine (CAM) consider all forms of therapies outside the field of medical practice. CAM is attracting more attention within the context of health care provision and health sector reform.Use of CAM remains common in developing countries and is increasing knowledge and concern in developed countries.Cultural beliefs and practices often lead self-care, home remedies or consultation with traditional healers

  • Why Do Alternative Medicines Rise To Fame?

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    Cassandra Pfiefer English 101 27 October 2014 Alternative Medicines Rising to Fame Who would have thought that a simple bee was responsible for making a more effective cure for relieving the symptoms of a cough than mainstream cough syrup? Honey is used in hot tea or any type of hot beverage to relieve the symptoms of a cough or soar throat immediately, which is considered to be one of the many alternative medicines available for use. Alternative medicines and treatments such as natural herbs, animal-made

  • Comparison Between Prescription Medicine And Alternative Therapies

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    mental illness. I would like to focus on the different ways to help treat mental illnesses. I’m looking to discover the most effective ways to help with mental illness. I’m going to compare between prescription medicines and alternative therapies. Therefore I have formed the question “Are alternative therapies and treatments as effective as prescription medications when treating mental illness?” I have chosen this topic and question as I’m interested in mental illness and it is personally relevant, I feel

  • Pros And Cons Of Complementary And Alternative Medicine

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    Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is a group of diverse medical and healthcare systems, practices and products considered not part of conventional medicine (Department of Veterans Affair, 2007,pg.197). In recent years, patients suffering from chronic rheumatic arthritis have been adopting complementary/alternative medicine to aid managing their painful condition. Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease where the body’s immune system attacks its own healthy tissues. The attack is most common

  • Assignment Topics: Phage As Medical Alternative Medicine

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    Faculty of pharmacy Microbiology Department Assignment Topic: Phage as medical alternative Course Title: General Microbiology and Immunology Course Code: PM204 Lab Group: E1 Prepared By: Ahd Mohamed Abdelmoniem Fahmi-175063 Due Date: 20-10-2017   Definition of phage: Phage is a short for

  • Summary: The Dove In Downward Flight

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    Like traditional modalities, alternative or complimentary modalities intend improve the health and well being of clients. These modalities can hope to increase comfort or relaxation, maintain, improve or restore health and harmony of the body, mind, and/or spirit, or increase the client’s sense of well being. They are often used either in addition to or in place of conventional treatments, and can be seen in the examples of massage, acupressure, and herbal supplements, among others.The National Center

  • Opioid Argumentative Essay

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    For over a decade, acute and chronic back pain has been treated with opioid analgesics also known as opiates or narcotics (such as Percocet or Oxycontin), and nonopioid analgesic, including NSAID’s (such as Naproxen and Ibuprofen). On average, 182,727,272 opioid analgesic prescriptions are dispensed annually (Dal Pan, 2016). Unfortunately, each of which is accompanied by potentially serious adverse effects. Opioids serious side effects including respiratory depression, drowsiness, nausea, constipation

  • Folk Healing Beliefs Case Study

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    CULTURE AND COMPLEMENTARY THERAPIES Martina Fernandez is a 65-year-old Hispanic woman who has had diabetes for 42 years. She is admitted to the hospital with extreme circulatory deficiency and evidence of early gangrene of the left foot. After speaking with her family members, she decides to go ahead with a below-the knee amputation. Following surgery, she had a stroke and the nurses gave her medications to dissolve the clot. As the day progressed, she got progressively worse; none of the medication

  • Essential Oil Lab Report

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    1. INTODUCTION AND BACKGROUND 1.1. Background and Justification Essential oils are aromatic oils found in different parts of plants used for flavors, perfumes, aromatherapy and medicine [1]. These oils are volatile and different from fixed oils which are mainly triglycerides of fatty acids. Essential oils are obtained from thousands of plant species and in different parts of the plant such as flowers, leaves, twigs etc. Chemically, essential oils are very complex combinations containing compounds

  • Cultural Value Of Transcultural Nursing

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    1.0 Introduction People belonging to different cultures may have various types of demand in term of well being. It is fundamental human right to express own cultural values. Individual having different cultural value should be respected of their cultural. According to Cambridge Dictionary online define transcultural as cross cultural, intercultural or multicultural. Culture is a basic component of patient’s lives that influence their health care attitudes and activities. Culture is the inner and

  • Borrowed Theory In Nursing Practice

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    Many theories exist in nursing today and are used as a guide to practice, and as well as providing a framework for nursing research. The purpose of theory in nursing is to provide an improvement in practice and positively to influence the health and wellness of persons, families and the community. In nursing, there should be a mutual relationship between theory and practice, practice providing the basis for nursing theory development where theory is validated in practice (McEwen, 2014). The problem

  • Level Of Stress In Nursing

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    Nurse and doctors both are important part of a hospital and there occupation is full of stress despite of different level of employment (Scott, 2013). Stress is classified as a precursor or stimulus in response to certain situations, interactions and harsh behaviors. It can also be defined as psychological behavior of a person in response to the environmental condition risking his or her life in danger. In hospital setup, there are certain issues relating to patients, long work hours, misinterpretations

  • Essay On Dog Grooming

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    The importance of grooming the dog is the thing most important next to feeding. Today the dog is a household animal. No longer does it live wild. The dog has little space outside with the rapid urbanization of towns. Fortunate are the people with even a small yard these days. Though the lack of space has increased, the necessity for having a dog has not. This means the need to keep the dog clean is of vital importance. But all this must be done without actually compromising the health

  • Health Belief Model Research Paper

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    1.1 Introduction: For decades, the HBM has been one of the most widely used conceptual frameworks in health behavior. The HBM has been used both to explain change and maintenance of health -related behaviors and as guiding framework for health behavior intervention. The HBM has been expanded, broken down into component, compared to other framework, and analyzed using a wide array of multivariate analytic technique. More research has been conducted to specify measure of health believe model and

  • Reflective Essay On Registered Nurses

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    was quite the experience of learning and lessons to become a registered nurse, so as I began my day, I began by looking up my patient’s medication. I would be passing in the MAR – on the computer. This is where I proceeded to check for allergies (medicine and relevant food), this should be done every time you give a medication. The instructor said ok are you ready? Reluctantly, I say yes, and instantly I feel all my blood rush to my head and I began to shake ,the instructor and I go into the

  • Essay On Meniscus Tears

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    Anatomy of meniscus tear Description -3 bones meet to form knee joint: your thighbone (femur), shinbone (tibia), and kneecap (patella). -2 wedge-shaped pieces of cartilage act as "shock absorbers" between thighbone and shinbone. These are called meniscus. They are tough and rubbery to help cushion the joint and keep it stable. (Left) Bucket handle tear. (Right) Flap tear (Left) Radial tear. (Right) Degenerative tear Menisci tear in different ways. Tears

  • Informative Essay On Chemotherapy

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    Although chemotherapy is the most renowned cancer treatment, there are alternative cancer treatments being researched that could be more effective. Precision medicine is a new approach to patient care, this up and coming practice allows doctors to treat

  • Holistic Medicine Is Nonsense

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    “By definition, Alternative Medicine, has either been proved to work or been proved not to work. You know what they call alternative medicine that’s been proved to work? Medicine.”- Tim Minchin. Holistic medicine is a very elaborate subject with many beliefs. It is ironic then, that it is completely false nonsense. While many would refute my claim their arguments fall in line with the very dogma of holistic medicine, which is nonsense. There are so many reasons that holistic medicine could be considered

  • Era III

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    ERA III in the field of medicine Era III is a new thread of healing challenging the conventional medicine, for era III healing have become a part of conventional medicine. The use of era III treatment varies from different healthcare providers. In order, to understand how era III changed and became a part of conventional medicine, let 's answer the question of what is era III, and what are some evidence promoting era III in the medical field today? Furthermore, what makes era III healing believable