Borrowed Theory In Nursing Practice

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Many theories exist in nursing today and are used as a guide to practice, and as well as providing a framework for nursing research. The purpose of theory in nursing is to provide an improvement in practice and positively to influence the health and wellness of persons, families and the community. In nursing, there should be a mutual relationship between theory and practice, practice providing the basis for nursing theory development where theory is validated in practice (McEwen, 2014). The problem of nurse fatigue continues to plague healthcare organizations worldwide because of long working hours, accepting extra assignments and sleep deprivation that can be dangerous for both nurse and patient. These inadequacies cause compromises patient …show more content…

The impact of nurse fatigue resulting from extended work hours, sleeplessness and accepting extra assignments can lead to numerous problems; some of these problems include but not limited to the following; inability to focus, reduced motivation, impaired or lack of communication, delayed reaction time to a critical event that can occur, example, code call. Personal injury can occur that poses an occupational hazard for nurses since serious injuries can occur of varying degree. The nurses’ duty can be physically demanding which can have a negative effect on patient safety and workforce health (Repique, …show more content…

Hans Selye’s Theory of Stress is a borrowed theory that can be applied to address the issue of nurse fatigue. Hans Selye was born in 1907 in Hungary and died in 1982, and became an endocrinologist after attending school in Germany. Dr. Selye’s specialty was endocrinology where he studied the effects of stress on the human body. He began performing experiments on rats to find a hormone when he observed that the rats were becoming ill. The rats were becoming ill because of the different injections administered and the various processes they were put through. A new hormone was not about to be discovered, but he tried to ascertain why they were responding the same to the chemicals

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