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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing is the nation’s largest healthcare profession. Registered Nurses who work in the emergency room should be required to be psychologically evaluated in their position because they handle stressful situations. In addition, they witness a numerous amount of traumatic events such as deaths and major body deformations. Therefore, these events can cause personal issues over a long period of time, such as emotional, physical, and psychological actions that scars nurses throughout their profession.
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) within a nurse’s profession is likely to occur when they experience a traumatic event, and causes an individual to suffer. Nurses witness deaths around the clock …show more content…

Although, they are doing what they love to do, they lack sleep because of their long hours. Which then can possibly lead to depression. Depression effects their body’s physical health as well as their mental health. Physically, depression effects the nurse because it zaps their energy which causes them to not want to verbally communicate with the patient. Mentally, depression can make one suicidal, it could also cause the nurse to want to do self-harm and take pills due to the access they have with pills. As well as drinking their pain away leading to …show more content…

If they can get the resources provided to them, we can see a traumatic change in some of their day to day lives. Three of the major key factors that can influence a nurse to become depressed and need or want a resource psychology wise, are emotional effects, physical effects, as well as mental effects. If they just had the resources situations within their field could possibly be so much better. If we simply allow nurses who work in the emergency room or even nurses all around to speak with a psychologist without having to pay as well as not having to wait weeks at a time. We may see that nurses will become less stressful at work, they may fell a look a lot healthier deep within

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