Essay On Mount Everest Suicide

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Over 230 people have died and over 200 bodies still are on the sides of Mount Everest! That is from people putting their lives at risk. There are many reasons people should not be rescued if they put themselves at mortal risk. Rescuers are putting themselves in incredibly dangerous situations trying to rescuing people who are sick or injured in the “death zone”. I think it is unacceptable for some to not be considerate of others by by putting both their and there possible rescuers lives at risk. Do you want die trying to save someone who made an active decision to do something crazy? To begin with, it is dangerous trying to climb Mount Everest, let alone trying save someone on a mountain. At times there are way too many people on the mountain …show more content…

Many climbers want to climb a huge mountain so they can say they have conquered one of the earth’s most dangerous places for bragging rights. Unfortunately, this great risk is not just for the climbers, rescuers have also died trying to save climbers who have gotten stuck. There was a particularly sad time when a helicopter crashed and couldn't save the other climbers. (Source 1) “They crashed attempting to rescue to the second man.” It is very sad that only one out of the three people that were involved in that rescue made it. There was also a incident where a ranger passed away trying to rescue two climbers who fell into a crevasse. (Source 3) “ranger at Mount Rainier National Park fell 3,700 feet to his death.” The ranger was a very skilled guy and it is sad that he passed away after trying hard to become skilled. If a skilled guy like that could pass away, then why would you want to climb a mountain when you’re not an expert? This mixing of skilled and unskilled climbers is causing may to die The climbers may feel more safe knowing that they can be rescued, but there are really not safe. Is this false sense of security causing more people to try to climb because they they they can be rescued? As you can see, there are many dangers involved with rescuing climbers on Mount Everest The risks on the mountain are very real and climbers should take more time to comprehend those risks before beginning

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