Movie Analysis: Something The Lord Made '

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Movie Analysis: Something the Lord Made Something the lord made is a movie depicts the tumultuous relationship of two leading pioneers in the field of surgery. The white surgeon Alfred Blalock and the black cardiac pioneer Vivian Thomas.Their partnership lasted for over thirty years and during that time important breakthroughs were made both in the field of medicine and in that of social equality in America. The reason why I chose to write an essay about this movie is due to the important events that transpire in it. During it 's two hour runtime it depicts the both the hardships of pioneering in uncharted territories of medicine as well as the racial discrimination and segregation of America in the 40s. It is a mirror of both great capacity for good and progress as well as inhumane detachment from one another based on race such as with Vivian Thomas or even gender such as with Dr. Helen Taussig. The struggle to advance the discipline of medicine with all cost and at the same time bringing us closer together as human beings under the same purpose no matter the differences is worthy of discussing. The ethical dilemmas depicted on the movie can be divided in two categories; social and medical. As for the social dilemma it discusses racism and segregation which has left a bad mark on Americas history. It shows that true talent, innovation and pioneering can come from anywhere regardless of their skin color or gender. However the medical one is more of a depictions of

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