Mr. Wargrave's Actions In And Then There Were None By Agatha Christie

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Mr. Wargrave’s Actions Why did Mr. Wargrave do what he did to drive so many people insane? Mr. Wargrave does a lot to throw people off his scent in this book. For example, he invites seven people to Soldier Island, offering them work and vacation. He also creates a fake owner of the house called Una Nancy Owen and finds a way to strand everyone on the island. In the book And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie, Mr. Wargrave’s actions affect other people in the story when he made false accusations, played the role of an innocent judge, and faked his own death. Mr. Wargrave was a very smart man and he found a way to accuse everybody on the island of murder, false or accurate. He accused Edward Armstrong of causing the death of Louisa May …show more content…

Whenever someone died, he was the one who took control and sorted it all out. After General Macarthur died, Mr. Wargrave stated that it was becoming clear that Mr. Owen had to be one of them. Mr. Wargrave continued to take charge and “discover” more as the deaths continued. After Emily Brent died, Mr. Wargrave faked his own death by putting paint on his bald head and making a scene that looked a lot like a courtroom. He had made a wig of Ms. Brent’s gray wool and had used the curtains from the bathing room to make robes. He was in alliance with the doctor, so when they found his “dead” body, the doctor could lie and say that he had no pulse while his heart was still beating steadily. This becomes clear when Agatha Christie writes, “ Dr. Armstrong lifted the lifeless hand and felt for the pulse. Then he turned to the others.. ‘ He’s been shot…’ ” Mr. Armstrong had not been told by the Justice that he had killed everybody, but he had been told that in doing this, they would discover if Lombard (whom Armstrong was suspicious of) was the “killer”. As a result of this, nobody was suspicious of Mr. Wargrave anymore because he had said himself that if someone was dead, they could not be the killer. As can be seen, when Mr. Wargrave faked his death, he fooled

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