Ms. Browne Case Summary

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In the case provided for the sake of this assignment, Ms. Browne and her family are faced with a variety of challenges. Those challenges are as follows. The biggest issue of course is the fact that Ms. Browne has had major complications as a result of an accident in which she fractured her hip, and the medical procedures that followed that incident. Ms. Browne’s condition is worsening and the only remaining option is to keep her comfortable as she nears the inevitable end of her life. This is the biggest issue because it is an umbrella, meaning that it is the overarching cause of all of the other issues. Ms. Browne’s family is struggling to deal with all of the responsibilities, adjustments, and emotions surrounding the imminent death of their grandmother and mother.
One of the specific issues in this case is Michael 's behaviour towards teachers and fellow students at school. This is a result of being taken out of his familiar routine where he was looked after by Ms. Browne every day after school. His behavior is affecting his education and that of his peers, as well as creating an unsafe environment in the class room. It is certainly also causing more stress not only for his mother who is already struggling with a variety of issues, but for Ms. Browne herself who just wants to see everyone happy and getting along as she works through her final weeks …show more content…

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