Mt. Blackstone: A Fictional Narrative

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It was a late night in Mt. Blackstone. Everybody was sitting around the fire staying warm. Steve and his daughter’s husband John were setting up the tents. Steve and John got along great, they were always doing things together if his daughter, Sam was home. Usually she wasn’t, she was out with friends most of the time. Once they got the tents set up, they put all of their things in them. Sam’s father is a very social person, he likes to spend time with friends and family. After they put all of their things away, John remembered he left something in the car. “Aw, I left my phone in the car” he said. “That’s my third phone this year, if I lose this one, my mom will kill me” he said worried. When he got to the car, he noticed that the rear view mirror had been shattered. He knew …show more content…

“Dad where are you?” she said. She turned on the flashlight and entered the woods. She was searching around until she found the bodies half buried, blood everywhere. “Dad? John?” she whispered. “AAAHHH!!!” she screamed. Right then she noticed that the bodies were her father and John. She immediately turned around and ran to try and get out of the woods. When she was running she noticed that the figure was standing at the entrance. She turned around and ran deeper into the woods. While she was running she didn’t hear only her footsteps, she also heard someone else’s footsteps. She turned her head to see who it was and saw the man chasing after her. He was catching up fast, but she quickly hid behind a tree. She looked around the tree and didn’t see anybody. “Huh huh huh, that was close” she said out of breath. But when she looked the other way, she saw the man right in front of her. He took his machete and stabbed her with the blade going through her and the tree. Then a helicopter came but there were no sign of

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