Mtv's Role In The Music Industry

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Music Television, better known as MTV, is a cable and satellite television channel that provides visual entertainment. It was founded and owned by Viacom Media Networks in 1981 (Peake). The first words ever broadcasted on MTV were “Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s rock and roll”, and the first music video ever played was “Video Killed the Radio Star” by The Buggles. Initially, the channel aired music videos, but now has steered toward reality-, comedy-, and drama-focused television shows. MTV’s original purpose was to showcase Video Jockeys and music videos. In addition, it also served as an outlet and platform for pop culture and current events, getting young adults in “the know” about social-activism during this time. The strengths of MTV today…show more content…
People now have other choices of venue, such as Netflix, to watch shows and no longer use MTV as their media of choice for finding new music. MTV’s direct competitors are VH1, CMT, Channel V, and Palladia. Indirect competitors include Youtube, Pandora, Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO. The most important competitors of MTV are online tv show streaming websites like Youtube and Netflix. The strengths of these websites are that they are available to consumers at all times, asynchronously, and not limited to a TV schedule or commercial interruptions. The weakness of these websites is that they don’t create a community focused on music like MTV is able to do. Another one of their important competitors is VH1, a sister company also owned by Viacom Media Networks. VH1’s strengths, in comparison to MTV, are that they offer different shows than MTV, and frequently feature more movies. This draws in different viewers than MTV’s, which takes away from the potential viewership of MTV itself. A weakness of VH1 is the same as MTV, because they are broadcasted on TV. Websites like Netflix and YouTube have an advantage on them due to accessibility and being
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