The Three Types Of Convergence

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Mass communication has played a long significant role in people’s lives. Media has many components which create similarities and differences, that are meant to entertain, influence, and give information. In form of media, convergence is to be proven to be an ongoing transition that is reshaping the world of traditional media. The changes in media are three types of convergence and the implications of convergence that effects modern day radio. This will be shown in the analyzation of the radio show “The Breakfast Club” on Power 105.1 and its ownership iHeartRadio.
The radio show Power 105.1 “The Breakfast Club” show, shows three types of convergence. “Convergence is known broadly as the coming together of computing, telecommunications, and media …show more content…

The radio show is broadcasted at a specific time Monday through Friday which shows media organization that has a predetermined timeslot. An another implication is media type, for example, “radio stations can transmit their programming via the internet or satellite and listeners can tune in via computers or smartphones”. “The Breakfast Club” shows all of these aspects in their show and makes it accessible. Furthermore, the radio show that is syndicated in over 80 markets across the United States. The radio show also uses media use when they re-air the program at different times such as the weekends to find content to occupy the time, therefore, “… practice fills programming time while allowing” listeners another chance to hear the show (McIntosh). The station Power 105.1 has a website that recaps the shows hot topics that were discussed and advertisements by using the tool in media content called hyperlinks. The hyperlinks can send you to the advertisers site by clicking the ad by choice. Their media audience is described as “Listeners between the ages of 25-to-54, in particular, are choosing to turn the dial to Power 105.1 more frequently” (Harris). Media distribution (viral videos), the show places footage from the radio show to several online platforms, such as YouTube and have had several viral videos. Viral videos enable audience around the world to express their own opinion and have dialogue9 with one another. They also distribute live through the television channel REVOLT. In addition, can be heard through the iHeartRadio app or website. “Breakfast Club” uses a form of media profession called citzen journalism throughout their show. They let listeners call in to a segment called “Get It Off Your Chest”, to tell whether they are mad, happy today or a story. This segment gives the listeners a chance to interact with the media journalist and create

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