Compare And Contrast The Outsiders And The Breakfast Club

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Being a teenager can be difficult. Teenagers often experience new emotions that can become stress, anxiety, and even depression, if not understood correctly. The movie The
Outsiders can be easily compared to the movie The Breakfast Club, because both pieces have a common theme of suicide. Johnny from The Outsiders hates his parents and struggles with life and the idea of suicide is constantly dancing around at the back of his head. In a similar way bryan from The Breakfast Club experiences suicidal thoughts, due to the pressure of his parents and the ability to keep up with life. Ultimately the theme of suicide affects the characters friendships, emotional balance, and how they value life. Friendships have there ups …show more content…

This immediately alarms Ponyboy, causing him to feel sympathy and worrisome for Johnny. Johnny having suicidal thoughts definitely does affects the relationship he has Ponyboy. Ponyboy feels the urge to constantly watch over Johnny's shoulders and make him feel like he is not alone. Similar emotions take place in The
Breakfast Club. When five strangers are all stuck together in detention one Saturday morning, they all engage in an emotional conversation. They all share their personal problems that they wish to escape. Bryn from The Breakfast Club, shares his feelings with four fellow strangers about being suicidal. Bryn expresses how he feels pressure from his parents to be “the perfect child”. This causes him to feel overwhelmed and stressed. When sharing his feeling and emotions with these four strangers, it creates a bond between them all. After hearing how Bryn felt, they all showed him some empathy and support, letting him know that they would be there for him. Bryn considering suicide affects the relationship he made with these four people and how he is viewed by them. After Bryn shared his personal emotions, new friendships and bonds were formed. Both Jonny and Bryn are to confused with their lives to fully connect with others. Not only does their confusion and suicidal thoughts contribute to their ability to maintain a relationship, but it also effects their emotional

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