Examples Of Group Dynamics In The Breakfast Club

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Group Dynamics and The Breakfast Club The breakfast club is a movie where five teenagers all get stuck in Saturday detention with each other. All of these teenagers are completely different but by the end of detention, all become friends in a way while in detention. This film is an example of group dynamics in society because it shows how different people from different social groups can all come together and make time pass faster in detention. By coming together, they slowly move into an “in-group” rather than an “out-group” like they were before. In the beginning, they all identify different from each other (rebel, nerd, jock, etc.) and then they all find things that are similar and they all identify with each other. The Breakfast Club would be a secondary group because they all become acquainted in detention but they …show more content…

In the movie, Claire Standish represents the popular girl and Andrew Clark represents the jock. Brian Johnson is the nerd and Allison Reynolds is the loner, and last but not least John Bender is the rebellious one. Mr. Vernon assigns them all an assignment, to write an essay about who they think they are. At first, it's answered as Mr. Vernon is crazy and shouldn't care about who they think they are. Also, it is noted how no matter who they think they are it won't change his mind on the stereotypes he placed in them. Later in the movie, it shows that his preconceived notions of the students is who they have accepted themselves to be, and they sign it “The Breakfast Club.” When Bender teases Carl the janitor mocking his position, he comes back and calls himself “the eyes and ears of this institution.” In a way he is saying that even though he is just a janitor and he is aware that he is low in social status, he sees and hears and knows

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