Munoo In Mulk Raj Anand's Coolie

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This research paper brings out the image of exploitation through the character Munoo in Mulk Raj Anand’s Coolie. Mulk Raj Anand a socially committed Indian novelist writer in English who has produced a good deal of literature. His novels are mostly based on the common themes like sufferings, misery, exploitation of the downtrodden, poverty, hunger etc in the Indian Society. The characters of his novels are common people like untouchable sweepers, downtrodden coolies, farmers, and pitiable labourer. Mulk Raj Anand’s Coolie brings out the picturesque adventure of an orphan boy Munoo. Munoo is the protoganist in the novel who face ruthless exploitation throughout his life which leads him to his tragic death. The novel begins with a bohemian life story of a fourteen years young hill boy Munoo. Munoo lived a peaceful life in Kangra hill with his friends and relations, and this peaceful life is only short lived by Munoo. After the death of his parents Munoo lives with his uncle and aunt, both his uncle and aunt consider Munoo as a burden and they decide to send him forcefully to Sham Nagar to work as a servant in Babu Nathoo Ram’s house, who is a Chaparasi in an Imperial Bank. Munoo’s uncle and aunt think that as a fourteen years boy Munoo is old enough to earn his own living, here Munoo’s…show more content…
The fiery speech of the leaders of the Red Flag Union creates a dangerous situation for the factory owners. So the owners cleverly convert the labour meeting into a Hindu –Muslim communal riot. They spread the rumour that the Hindu child has been kidnapped by a Muslim. The workers enraged with communal frenzy, spread riot all over the city. Munoo soon realises the danger and runs up to the Malabar Hill to escape from the hectic police action, here Munoo is knocked down by the motor car of an Anglo Indian lady, Mrs.

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