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Nerissa Walton WRIT 201 Essay #3 Oct. 28, 2015 My Buddy Budweiser: Behind alcohol addiction When I was 20 I had my buddy. First I’m going to begin with my own experience. I was with my friend’s house. There was nothing can compare the sounds of laughing, giggling and joking, and clinking of beer bottles. The fun seemed never stops. While they are pouring the liquid, I ask my buddies how it tastes because it smells awful. “Come on Nerissa, it’s not that bad, just give it a try,” my friend said. After a couple of shots, the sweet bitter taste of it makes me want to have more. I felt tipsy, and my words started to slur. Despite the feeling of tipsy, I can still sing and dance without a shame because of my buddies. Everything seems spinning around …show more content…

Since that painful experience, I told myself I had enough. But some people never stop from one painful experience. Unlike my husband’s friend Bruce, he always drunk and get into an accident, but never learn from his experience. One day, when we saw him at the gasoline station. My husband and Bruce visited. He said he just got out of the hospital, because of hit-and-run. He had cuts and bruises all over his body. We asked who did this horrible thing to him. He said he doesn’t know because he was so drunk. I heard Bruce say he can’t drink anymore as doctors ordered him to take the medicine for his bruises. He said when he gets better he will visit his children. Bruce has three children. They were in the foster care. The mother of the children had a new relationship with another man. He mentioned he might visit the children and get a job when he gets …show more content…

The meeting might help him quit drinking. Bruce went to the AA meeting. However, after the meeting, some of the members secretly offer him to go out and drink. It was an ineffective meeting. He is trying to avoid them, but sometimes he can’t refuse them. He confessed he missed the laughing and his drinking buddies. He also admitted, that sometimes his body is craving for alcohol, he even describe how the first couple of days after he stops drinking his body is shaking and wants to drink some alcohol. Bruce’s friend didn't even visit him at the hospital, but my husband give him a ride back from the hospital. The doctor prescribes some medicine to make him sleep all day and some anti depression pills to keep his mind away from the thirst of

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