Personal Narrative Essay About Christmas Day

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Christmas Day is full of tradition, unforgettable memories, and most importantly remembering the spectacular birth of Jesus Christ. I, thankfully, have a close family to spend Christmas Day with every year. My family and I follow the same Christmas traditions each year without much deviation. Devouring delicious meals, tearing open presents, going to church and playing games are at the top of our agenda each year.
Anticipation awakened me from my deep slumber and I sprang out of bed eager to build new memories with those I love. Soon after I awoke, my brothers trampled down the stairs behind me, ready to attack our favorite day of the year with love and devotion. My parents’ laughter filled the great room, amused by the good-natured ruckus
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We sat down to sizzling steaks, twice baked potatoes, salad and delicious cheesecake. After much chatter and laughter my brothers and I quickly fled the table to avoid having to do dishes. We went to our rooms and sorted through our new gifts, delighted by what we had been given. My parents quietly talked about the special day we had experienced as they tidied up the kitchen once again. Christmas night always turned into a competitive game night. My dad had started the fireplace and my mom grabbed snacks and poured us some Christmas punch as we plopped unto the leather couch. Each year we unwrapped a new game and puzzle to add to the excitement of game night. This year we tried to beat the sixty minute timer as we escaped from an Egyptian tomb. After much laughter and arguing we found our way out in the nick of time. As the evening wore on we settled into a 500 piece puzzle under the glow of the Christmas tree lights and warmth of the fire. Each of us reflecting in our minds what a special day Christmas is, especially when spent with family and those we love.
An unforgettable Christmas is made each year as we continue traditions and make memories. Christmas can represent different things to many people. To me it is spending quality time with family and reflecting on the birth of Jesus Christ. That warm fuzzy feeling I receive during this season makes me anticipate Christmas with my family each
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