My Experience As A Medical Assistant Personal Statement

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A small 5-year-old girl walking downstairs through the outside back door of her grandmother’s house in Mexico, sliding down each step of the staircase, set in the exterior connection between the two floors, just to be able to use the restroom on the first floor; a reminiscence that portrays commitment. Uniquely, this one experience defined my character. I’ve replayed this moment in my head many times through difficult times. I’ve had to face fear, anger, disappointment, and uncertainty all alone. Yet, I had never met any other person with whom I could identify with those same trademarks; until I became a medical assistant. Science is the greatest factor in all medical care, but it is not the only factor to consider. Working at a multi-specialty center as a medical assistant gave me an edge to witness first-hand the ‘un-taught’ aspect of medical practice; the emotions, the uncertainties, and the unbroken resolve. The science in medicine is the hope to relieve the uncertainty, the fear, and the anger we face upon sickness. This is the space where I have learned to empathize with patients, where I have a natural sense of care for strangers, and where I enjoy investing my time. …show more content…

Increasing size and getting stronger over time. I not only gained interest but also tried to broaden my medical exposure. Simultaneously, I intended to explore other career choices, ensuring that my resources were invested in the right profession before beginning a lifetime commitment. Therefore, I tried jobs involved in business, customer affairs, and life insurance. I tried each one for different reasons, clearing any doubts and leaving aside any

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